Whats the point in beating this virus to ultimately end up in a dystopian wasteland. Whats the point in living without art & music, the Northern Ireland Executive have to realise that the most recent legislation has done nothing other than destroy hope.

As a crew that has spent 10 years building a business in music & art the recent legislation & timeline for recovery is a JOKE.

Why isn't there a dialogue about running safe distanced events?

I can't believe they have made music illegal.
Dancing & music have served as a uniting force in our society, have brought us together as a post-conflict society.

We ask our politicians to give us something to be hopeful for, give young people a reason to be excited again.

Depression & suicide is only going to get worse the longer you drag this out. I can't think of a single mate that hasn't suffered from anxiety & mental health issues throughout this crisis.

Imagine spending your life pursuing a career in art or music, only to be told your craft is illegal, not viable and to get a real job. We have not lost our sense of purpose, we have had it STOLEN FROM US.

Policy needs to consider mental health. Art & Music give people a reason to keep on living, an emotional release from our boring dystopia.

To all the crew getting it tight at the moment, keep your heads up and let's fight this shit together!!! Enough is enough!