DSNT is not only a techno record label, it’s a creative movement; from throwing parties, releasing music, pushing local artists and talent to releasing clothes and creating art.  DSNT is a crew effort with a love for banging music, art, and partying at the heart of it.

Founded in Belfast, N. Ireland in 2012 by Oisin O’Brien – DSNT started out as a tiny crusty party when Belfast had no hard techno representation in the music scene. 

After 8 years the brand and the team have grown & DSNT is now the biggest hard techno night in Belfast, as well as being recognised globally as an event series and record label.  


Our Policies:

  •     Inclusive events – everyone sound with a love for bangin’ techno is welcome.  Smicks / goths / hipsters / crusties unite!!!
  •     No bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia.  Be sound or fuck off.
  •     No warm ups – the music is hard from doors open.
  •     Lighting and visual shows – all our events include immersive visual & lighting shows built by our sister brand Visual Spectrum Studios.


Past guests:  

AD // SS | Aggressors BC | Airod | Altar | Altern8 | Ancient Methods | AnD | Ansome | Bas Mooy | Billy Allen | Blacknecks | Blark | Bleaching Agent | Borrowed Identity | | Brayan Valenzuela | Casual Gabberz | Chrissy Murderbot | Clouds | Contour | Crock | D. Carbone | Dallas | Deepmash | DJ Skirt | ELLL | Forward Strategy Group | Fran Hartnet | Happa | Headless Horseman | Hector Oaks | Holly Lester | Howard Marks | Hubie Davidson | I Hate Modelsm | Imnotyourmate | J. TJIN | Jerome Hil | lJoeFarr | Kangding Ray | Karenn | KCR | Keylen | LAG | Lucy | Manni Dee | Marcel Dettmann | Mark Archer | MPIA3 | Mumdance | Mungos Hi-Fi | Myler | Nez | Noneoftheabove | Oscar Mulero | Ossian | Paragon | Pariah | Paula Temple | Perc | Rachel Rackitt | Randomer | Rebekah | Remco Beekwilder | Ross From Friends | Scott Brown | Sown | Stephanie Sykes | Sunil Sharpe | Surgeon | Techno & Cans | Tessela | The DJ Producer | Tinfoil | Truss | Twitch DJs | Xhin



Chosen by Paula Temple as one of the best parties and clubs pioneering techno in the UK 2018.

Belfast’s DSNT has managed to cultivate a completely uninhibited sense of freedom in their nights, in a completely respectful and appreciative way. They celebrate and bring people together, a liberating night, beyond the bullshit of interference from our governments or religion or any other power messing with our lives. I am grateful to the DSNT/Lumen crew for what they give people: 1000% intensity, visually, sonically and with love. You will feel the authentic uninhibited wild and caring spirit of techno rave.” - Paula Temple

Full article here.